Purchasing Forklifts for a Business Operation: Options to Consider
It’s exciting when a business is expanding, but that also means more equipment is needed to keep up with the demand. Along with more production equipment, the owner needs to think about investing in two or three new forklift trucks. Here are some points to consider closely when deciding what type of lifts would serve the operation well.

A Brand New Forklift

There’s a lot to be said for focusing the search on new lifts. Going with this option allows the business owner to invest in the latest designs and technology. Those new lifts will have features that may or may not be found with older makes and models. For example, the options for fuel sources will likely be more varied. Along with the traditional use of gasoline or electricity to power the lift, there are models today that operate on solar power.

Another benefit to checking out new forklifts for sale is the warranty coverage. There’s no doubt the range of protections provided with new makes and models are the most comprehensive with new lifts. This is an important consideration, since the warranty terms and conditions will provide support if the lift fails to perform due to a faulty component or does not hold up while being used in what is considered standard and reasonable conditions.

How About a Used Forklift?

Used lifts are another option that needs to be evaluated carefully. A previously owned forklift for sale will come with a lower price tag than a new one. On the front end, that saves money.

If the lift maintenance records are extensive and the buyer has confirmation that the equipment was maintained properly, this is a great way to secure something that will offer excellent service for years to come. While there may be exceptions, a used lift is less likely to come with any type of warranty protection. That’s a factor the potential buyer needs to take into consideration.

Don’t Overlook the Idea of Reconditioned Forklift Trucks

New and used forklifts are not the only two options the business owner can consider. Reconditioning requires that the lift be inspected closely so that any operational issues are resolved. That means replacing worn components and in general bringing a used lift up to the same standards employed in the original production.

Unlike used lifts, a forklift that is reconditioned is likely to come with some type of limited warranty. The terms and conditions are as broad as those extended with a new lift, but they do cover the more likely scenarios. Always find out if reconditioned lifts are included in the lift truck sales offered by the supplier.

Remember that any type of lift constitutes a major investment. Take the time to check out the options and features offered as part of forklift truck sales carefully, and focus on models that are ideal for multiple purposes around the plant and in the warehouse. With a little time and attention to detail, the business owner will soon have one or more lifts that support increased production and ensure raw materials and finished goods are moved efficiently around the facility.

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