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Why Investing in Pallet Trucks and Stackers Makes Sense
Forklifts are not the only type of equipment used on production floors and in warehouses. Choosing to augment that fleet of lifts with pallet trucks and stackers is a smart move.Here is some information that business owners need to know about these resources and how they can make a difference in just about every area of the operation.

Sometimes referred to as a pallet jack, the pallet truck is a simple device that makes it easy to pick up a single pallet and move it across the floor. Operators usually stand behind the trucks and use the controls to slide the blades under the pallet. As the pallet is lifted, wheels pop out of the bottom of the blades. This makes it easy to push the pallet to any area of the plant needed.

Many production layouts call for shifting goods in process or raw materials as part of the line structure. The smaller stature of the hand pallet truck makes it easier to get into places that a forklift cannot reach. The smart business owner will invest in a pallet truck for sale and integrate it into the basic production plan.


Looking at pallet trucks for sale is not the only project that the business owner should make a priority. Taking a look at stackers for sale is also a good idea. Stackers are much like pallet trucks, but they offer two benefits that the truck or jack cannot.

A stacker is designed to support more weight. Some designs are capable of handling as much as 2200 pounds without placing excessive stress on the unit or creating additional difficulty in moving the pallet. That same stacker will lift the pallet to a height that a jack or truck cannot manage. It’s not unusual for find stackers that will lift pallets off the floor by as much as 12 feet. That makes them helpful in terms of sliding the loaded pallet into a two-tired rack in the warehouse.

How Trucks and Stackers Enhance Productivity

Choosing to buy pallet trucks allows the business owner to free up forklifts for use in more complicated tasks. While those lifts are used to retrieve raw materials from a warehouse and place them near a set of machines, the pallet jacks can be utilized to transport a flat of partially finished goods to the department for further refining.

Deciding to buy a stacker or two means having the ability to transport pallets that are heavier and move through spaces where a lift would not fit. That stacker can also be used to supplement the work of a forklift. That is especially helpful when a lift is out of commission for repairs, but the rental unit has not yet arrived. While the process is slower, the capacity of the stacker does make it possible to haul in raw materials, set them near the line, and even move single pallets of finished goods to a warehouse.

Don’t assume that a couple of forklifts with different blade arrays and attachments will cover every situation. Choosing to keep a couple of stackers and pallet trucks on hand will allow employees to get a lot done while those lifts are being used elsewhere in the plant.

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