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Choosing the Right Forklift Parts for Maintenance and Repair
There’s a lot to be said for proper maintenance of all the forklifts used in the business operation. Between the decreased downtime and the longer life of each lift, investing in a proper forklifts maintenance program makes sense. Even so, the day will come when some component will wear out and must be replaced. Here are some tips that will help the business owner make wise decisions about those forklift parts.

Opting for Recommended Brands Only

The first choice for replacement fork lift accessories and parts should be the brand recommended by the original manufacturer. Those parts are produced in compliance with a strict set of standards. They will be a perfect fit for the lift.

The fit matters in terms of preventing more wear and tear on the lift. Something that’s close but not quite up to standards will hasten the decline of other components found in the system. While opting for something less expensive may seem like a savings right now, it will lead to higher maintenance costs down the road.

If the original manufacturer no longer produces the necessary parts, there’s a good chance that one or more third-party companies have taken up the cause and have parts to sell. Find out how closely they duplicate the standards of the original manufacturer before spending any money on those replacement parts. Asking a few questions now will save a lot of frustration later on.

How About Used & Reconditioned Parts?

If the parts needed for the forklifts repair are no longer in production, it never hurts to check into the idea of used or reconditioned parts. Used parts typically don’t come with any type of guarantee or warranty, but one that is gently worn could last for years. Reconditioned parts are restored to factory standards, and will come with some type of warranty protection. Many business owners like to check into this possibility when they need to buy forklift parts and attachments.

Age Does Matter

Another point to consider is how old the available parts happen to be. A good rule of thumb is to find out if the components provided for lift truck repair and maintenance are less than seven years old. While there are exceptions, those older components are likely to wear down faster. That will mean having to make the same repair sooner rather than later.

Unit Price is a Secondary Concern

While the temptation to focus on price as the main criteria for choosing replacement forklift attachments or components is strong, resist the urge.

The primary factor is the quality of the replacement parts offered by different forklift services. Higher quality means more years of use. Consider how much the business owner saves by going with a part that cost a little more but lasts twice or three times as long as a cheaper counterpart.

Develop a plant for upkeep and maintenance, and know where to purchase the best parts and attachments. That will reduce the amount of time that the lift is out of commission and minimize the impact on production.

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